Welcome to Year 4, Our class teacher is Mr Cooper who is supported by, Ms. Lloyd and Mr Eckersley. Together we will ensure the Year 4 children reach their full potential. We have high expectations and together, with the children, will do our very best this year!

It is going to be very busy and challenging at times as we get the Year 4 children ready to take our timetables test in the summer term! However, learning will be fun and enjoyable! The children will learn to challenge themselves, learn new knowledge and develop skills. 

Homework and Reading

Each Friday, your child will be sent home with a piece of homework and spellings. These are expected back by the following Friday at the latest. The maths homework will link closely to what we have been learning in class that week. Homework helps the children to develop independent problem solving skills and helps the children to consolidate what has been learned in lessons. The children will have a spelling test on a Friday. The children will be sent home with any spellings they have got incorrect – just for extra practise!

As well as supporting with their LBQ home learning, we also ask that you keep up with hearing your child read at home, at least three times a week. Reading books will be taken in whenever it has been read and these books will be changed. Reading is monitored and if a child has not completed any reading within the week, they will do so in their own time at school.

We have found a VERY strong correlation between those children who read regularly at home and those children who achieve higher scores in their reading assessments. Reading expands children’s knowledge of words and their understanding of different genres of writing. This in turn, helps them with their reading comprehension.

Children who read a lot at home, are also more able to use their reading experiences to help their writing – they have more ideas and are more familiar with different grammar structures, vocabulary and spelling. This is a very important skill to have.

TTRockstars is also available for children to use to become more confident as well as fluent. Children who are confident with their times tables often find it easier to grasp other maths concepts; not just multiplication, but division, fractions, ratio, algebra etc. Even if your child knows their times tables, it is important that they still practise on TTRockstars, so that they are quick as well as confident.


This is a friendly reminder of how important it is that your child attends school. We will be learning lots of new concepts this half term as well as revisiting previous learning. Even being absent for a couple of days could mean that full topics are missed. Children who are absent for long periods find it difficult to catch up with things that they have missed, and regular absences mean that topics are never being fully covered, which leads to gaps in your child’s knowledge.


My Happy Mind:

Your child’s wellbeing is important to us and we have started an amazing scheme to educate and support them with understanding their big emotions. This term we are learning about our relationships with others and how positive relationships can improve our mental health and well-being.

Year 4 Timetable

On P.E. days, children are cto come to school in their P.E. kit. This

consists of a blue school PE T-shirt and maroon shorts. Pupils are welcome to wear dark-coloured (navy blue or black) tracksuit bottoms / leggings over their shorts during the colder months.

They can wear their school jumper for extra warmth over their t-shirt if needed. They do not need to bring an extra hoodie / jumper. Children will need trainers / pumps for PE. They are not allowed to wear trainers on any day other than their PE day. Jewellery is also not permitted.



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