All members of staff at Holy Family RC Primary School are employed by the Governors of the school (apart from the kitchen staff and who are employed by the Local Authority). All staff work under the direction of the Headteacher, Mrs Booth. A current list of all staff at the school is detailed below.

Head Teacher: Mrs A. Booth
Acting Deputy Head Teacher: Mrs S. Needle
SENCO: Mrs J.Hall


Mrs C. Fotheringham (Year 6)

Mrs V. Fallon (Year 5)

Mr B. Smith (Year 4 )

Mrs E. O’Brien (Year 3)

Mrs S. Leeming (Year 2)

Miss M. Makin (Year 1)

Miss C. Baggaley (Reception)

Miss A. McLaughlin  (Nursery)

Miss A. Cotton

Miss A. McLaughlin

Mrs Y. Johnson  

Miss T. Ogden  

Mrs T. McNeill

Mrs M. Hilton  

Miss C. Boniface

Miss J. Lloyd  

Mrs M. Baxter  

Mrs S. Fox

Miss R. Jones

Mrs A. Nicholl

Mr G. Ingham

Mrs  M. Grimshaw 

School Business Manager: Mrs P. Hartley

School Administrator: Mrs L. Ordano

Site Manager: Mr P. Batey

Mrs A. Kara

Mrs J. Diggle

Mrs K. Sinkinson

Mrs J. Ward