Social Stories to support children’s understanding.

A free information book explaining the coronavirus to children, illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler- Click here

Social Stories about Coronavirus

Social Stories are great for helping children deal with things that they may find difficult to understand. Reading and sharing these stories regularly with your child should help to develop their understanding of a situation.

What is Coronavirus?

Social Distancing

Support and Advice on hand washing- Click Here

Childline Support

On this page you will find the….CALM ZONE

There are lots of way to feel calmer. It’s about finding what works for you. Try some of our breathing exercises, activities, games and videos to help let go of stress.

·        Activities and tools

·        Breathing exercises

·        Expressing yourself

·        Yoga videos

·        Play games

·        Way to cope videos

Young Minds

Offers advice, guidance and support to young people and parents/carers of Young People who are feeling anxious about coronavirus.  We all know of the negative impact that social media can have on young people.  This site also has some good advice on how to manage social media.

Mental Health Foundation

At the present time we are surrounded by news of the Coronavirus. This site gives advice on what you can do to minimise the negative impact it has on your children.


Brain Break


Useful apps such as Worry Time and Smiling Mind are free to download and appropriate for Primary ages, parents, teachers and all adults!